University Partners Program

Collaboration with Regional Agencies Pilot Program Initiative


 To build opportunities for students to connect with stormwater professionals today and evolve into the industry leadership of tomorrow.
 The “Collaboration” educates students about the development, protection and improvement of water quality and the environment through non-academic experiences with working professionals in their respective fields.
 The SCIECA will establish a collaboration between itself, regional municipalities and agencies involved with stormwater, water quality, soil, or related environmental regulation, and with University Partners within the Chapter. We want to establish contacts, identify opportunities to connect students with mentors, and facilitate those connections. This process will help students establish and understanding of their life and work beyond graduation.

Who can be a University Partner?

Anyone in the University can champion the University Partner Program. Only one member is needed in the University to provide access to all students. SCIECA will approach Lead Professors, Deans, Career Coordinators, or anyone with an interest in sponsoring the students. SCIECA will focus on students with an interest in the environmental science, earth science, engineering or related fields.


Who can be a Regional Agency?

Anyone in the stormwater, water quality, soil or related field profession can participate. SCIECA will champion this initiative and our members will participate as Regional Agencies. In addition, we will focus on building relationships with municipalities, county governments, utility companies, consultants and others that have an interest in mentoring students. We are looking for regional partners to support these kinds of activities:


Potential Participation
  • Presentations
  • Engineering For a Day
  • Stormwater permitting and inspection processes
  • Field stream and creek monitoring
  • Construction field inspectors


We want to encourage students to develop Projects and present at IECA and SCIECA Events. The more participation, the better for the students, the Chapter, and the industry. We want our members and Regional Partners to offer that helping hand to our students, so if you’re interested, reach out to Phil Handley or Julie Morelli today!