The Capital Area Erosion Control Network (CAECN) is an informal group of professionals involved in erosion and sediment control in the Austin and Central Texas area. The group is made up of folks from environmental, geotechnical, and civil backgrounds. The group includes engineers, product suppliers, regulatory agencies, municipal government representatives and contractors. There are no dues or officers.
The group formed January 2004 with the goal of meeting twice a month during the lunch hour (brown bag) and listening to an ESC technical presentation. The time can be counted toward the engineer’s PDH credits. The meeting rooms are rotated among TxDOT, TCEQ, City of Austin and LCRA meeting rooms that are provided at no cost to the group. The group could not survive without this generous donation. The group includes members of the South Central IECA chapter and encourages membership and participation.
About the Brown Bag Sessions
The meetings are intended to be constructive, educational, and relaxed in tone. The spirit of the group is one of open sharing and discussion in a courteous and professional manner. The goal is to cooperatively build upon the experiences of all the members. The brownbag luncheon meetings are held at no charge due to the gracious sponsors that donate meeting room space, cokes and bottled water. Since the room sponsors are governmental agencies, the content of the meetings cannot take on any semblance of a “political agenda” or grievance session. We cannot afford to loose these generous sponsors. The attendees “code of conduct” should support this positive educational environment. Attendees should not be combative or hostile with the guest speaker. Attendees should allow time for others in the group to ask questions. Extended technical discussions with the speaker should be held after the brown bag session. This venue should be a safe environment for the speakers who are taking time to take a risk and get infront of a professional group of peers to review a particular product, case study or regulatory issue. These general “rules of the road” are suggested to help keep the meetings constructive, educational, and relaxed in tone.






The EWRI Austin Chapter will be holding its 13th annual continuing education workshop on Friday, June 15 at the UT Austin Commons Learning Center, located on the J.J. Pickle Research Campus. This year’s theme is The Confluence of Water Resources Disciplines, and the event will focus on multi-discipline design for water resources projects. Presentations will be given by local and national landscape architects, ecologists, civil engineers, and other scientists as shown in the attached flyer. Topics will range from aquifer protection and LID design, to the latest research in the water resources field. We encourage all water resources professionals to attend so we can use this opportunity learn from each other’s disciplines and continue to collaborate.


Baer Engineering has immediate openings in Austin and San Antonio for highly-motivated environmental professionals with experience in Texas. Applicants must possess excellent project organization and writing skills. Please see for the job postings.

Floodplain Project Manager – Travis County, Texas – Transportation and Natural Resources

Location: 700 Lavaca St, Austin, TX 78701



Please remember that our CAECN meetings can be counted as 1.0 PDH credit toward annual PE and other association’s annual requirements (Honor system). I can provide you with a copy of the attendance sheet with your initials, but you need to keep the list of when you attended and let me know the dates. Teamwork.


Thank you to COA, TCEQ, and TxDOT for donating free meeting room space over 14 years so we can have these technical meetings.
And thank you to everyone for taking time from your work to attend these brown bag sessions.
Hope you can attend this free AUSTIN brown bag training session.
Please forward this to others who may be interested.

Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (Envision).
NEW: The Sustainable Sites Initiative:
updated the SITES rating system –(see press release here).


CISEC training and exam – Please contact Zac Martin, 830-221-4647 [email protected] for general info.
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LinkedIn – join the CAECN “Group” and get updates via Linked In

(thank you Wesley for regularly updating our meeting information on the site…)
“Please remind everyone that CAECN has a Group on LinkedIn.
I updated the meeting information from your emails, so they can find it in the Discussion section.
It should pop up if they search for Capital Area Erosion Control Network.
Here is how I described the group on the website:
“CAECN is an ad hoc group of engineers, scientists, and vendors who meet to discuss erosion and sediment control issues in central Texas. The group has been meeting for THIRTEEN years and the group has been recognized by the IECA at its 2008 national convention. Meetings are held bi-monthly and rotate between space at the City of Austin, TxDOT, TCEQ, LCRA and the City of Round Rock.”
Wesley R. Young, PE, CFM
Water Resources Manager


If you would like to present a topic, or have a topic you would like to learn more about, just give Kim Culp, PE, a call (512-684-3149) or email her at [email protected]. Thanks.

Drink Sponsor Rotation?

If you would like to bring water, soft drinks, or cookies to one particular meeting (or a series of meetings), please let me know.

Thank you.
Kim Culp, PE
[email protected]
505 East Huntland Drive, Suite 250, Austin, TX 78752
O: 512.454.8716 | D: 512.684.3149 | F: 512.454.2433
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