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2022 Texas Regional Conference
The 2022 Texas Regional Conference will be in the DFW area on October 18, 2022.  Join us in person. We'll update this post with a link to the registration information when it's ready.
2018 Texas Stormwater Conference Presentations
Permitting Basics as per the Clean Water Act Section 404(b)(1) Regulatory Guidelines Lauren Poulos Stormwater Stewardship Opportunities Caroline Johnson Industrial Inspection Program Texas MSGP Martin Miller Industrial Storm Water Inspections Implementation Martin Miller MS4 Operators ‐ Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping Training Julie Morelli Stormwater Inspector - Certification vs Certificate...
2014 EPA Region 6 Stormwater Conference Presentations
TPDES Construction General Permit Compliance Training Darrel Solanik, CPESC, CESSWI Compliance Resources, Inc. Responsibility, Communication, Interaction and Education of Construction Industry and Regulatory Phil Handley Local MS4 Regulatory Program Permit Responsibilities Phil Handley SAWS TPDES: Soil, Erosion and Sedimentation Methods Phil Handley The Incorporation of LID on Affordable Housing Projects...
2013 EPA Region 6 S.W. Conference Presentations
BMP's in Fed. Exempt Industry Natural Gas Activities in Fayetteville AR Mobile Data Collection: How to efficiently make data-driven decisions Making Citizen Activism Work for you Using GIS to Streamline Field Inspection & Support Public Education