2018 Texas Stormwater Conference Presentations

Permitting Basics as per the Clean Water Act Section 404(b)(1) Regulatory Guidelines
Lauren Poulos

Stormwater Stewardship Opportunities
Caroline Johnson

Industrial Inspection Program Texas MSGP
Martin Miller

Industrial Storm Water Inspections Implementation
Martin Miller

MS4 Operators ‐ Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping Training
Julie Morelli

Stormwater Inspector – Certification vs Certificate
Phil Handley, Julie Morelli, Darrel Solanik

Construction Stormwater Compliance Operator
Sonny Johns

Adoption of Discharge Ordinance 2011
Perry Harts

Environmental Audits
Erich Birch

EPA Audits of MS4s: How the Process Has Evolved
Thea Lomax

Stormwater Management Programs – Assessment Tool Case Studies
Thea Lomax

2018 Stormwater Construction General Permit (CGP) Renewal TXR150000
Lindsay Garza, Lili Martinez

Texas Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4)
Rebecca Villalba

Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) Stormwater Permitting Updates
Rebecca Villalba

Compliance Resources
Polly Porter

MS4 Post-Construction and Redevelopment – Who, What, and Why?
Polly Porter

Recent Impact On The Construction Industry due to Increased Local Regulatory Activity
Phil Handley

Industrial Stormwater Inspections
Laura Huff

Stormwater Ordinances
Perry Harts

Technology and Stormwater: The Delta Between Cool & Useful
Ty Garmon

NRCS Soil Basics for E&SC
Alan Stahnke

Right of Way Ordinance
Perry Harts

Industrial Stormwater Monitoring
Julie Morelli

Sedimentation Controls – Predicting Their Performance
Tom Schneider

Stormwater Feature Maintenance
Perry Harts

TPDES EPA Regulatory Requirements for Construction
Phil Handley, Diana McDonald

“Fixer Upper” – MS4 Post-Construction and Redevelopment
Anthony Betters

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