2014 EPA Region 6 Stormwater Conference Presentations

TPDES Construction General Permit Compliance Training
Darrel Solanik, CPESC, CESSWI
Compliance Resources, Inc.

Responsibility, Communication, Interaction and Education of Construction Industry and Regulatory
Phil Handley

Local MS4 Regulatory Program Permit Responsibilities
Phil Handley

SAWS TPDES: Soil, Erosion and Sedimentation Methods
Phil Handley

The Incorporation of LID on Affordable Housing Projects
Steven Trinkaus, Trinkaus Engineering, LLC

Creating Effective Municipal LID Regulations
Steven Trinkaus, Trinkaus Engineering, LLC

Southbury Medical Facility and LID – A Case Study
Steven Trinkaus, Trinkaus Engineering, LLC

Improved Stormwater Through Street Cleaning
Steven J. Calvillo, M.E.S.

What Do Inspectors Need To Know About BMPs?
Tim Zimmerly, Terrill Lemke
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Predictive Performance Scaling Method for Hydrodynamic Separators
Mark B. Miller, P.G.

Texas MS4 General Permit Development Lessons Learned
Jaya Zyman-Ponebshek, P.E., Assistant Director
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Texas Stream Team: Citizen Science Water Quality Monitoring and TMDLs
Travis Tidwell

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